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9/11 Survivor Story Videos

 “911 Stories of Survival” (2½ minutes)

 “NY Firefighters Remember 911” (2½ minutes)

 “Remembering 9/11: Incredible Raw Video Shows Rick Leventhal Interviewing Survivors at Ground Zero as North Tower Collapses” (10½ minutes)

 “Darien 9/11 Survivor Shares His Story” (7 minutes)

 “9/11 Survivor Shares Her Story” (4½ minutes)

 “9/11 Survivors with ‘Grateful Hearts’” (2 minutes)

From Class: Survivor Video & Audio Clips

Randy Pausch’s “Final Lecture” (video on Oprah) ~ 11½min


Ken Kamler: Medical Miracle on Everest (video lecture on TedTalk) ~ 20min


Redux: A Climber’s Survival Tale (audio on NPR) ~ 9min


I AM ALIVE-Surviving the Andes (History Channel movie trailer on youtube) ~ 2min



Lance Armstrong video clips

Armstrong’s Original Announcement (Nike) ~ 30sec

Reason why Armstrong races again (Nike) ~ 1min 

Lance Armstrong Foundation-Share Your Story (montage of cancer-survivor stories) ~ 6½min

LIVESTRONG official youtube site (dozens of personal stories linked to this one)

Lance Armstrong – Oakley Rebellion Commercial ~ 3min