School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs)

Annually, we provide information about our schools to the community allowing the public to evaluate and compare schools for student achievement, environment, resources and demographics.

For more information you may also visit the California Department of Education website.


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pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Dana_ES.pdf
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567.42 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Dorothea_ES.pdf
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538.88 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Fairgrove_ES.pdf
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458.79 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Grover_Beach_ES.pdf
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621.10 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Judkins_MS.pdf
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1.10 MB 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Lopez_HS.pdf
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642.56 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Mesa_MS.pdf
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581.02 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Nipomo_ES.pdf
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613.87 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Nipomo_HS.pdf
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658.59 Kb 04/30/12
pdf File 11_Spanish_SARC_Lucia_Mar_USD_Oceano_ES.pdf
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658.84 Kb 04/30/12