Renew/Check the Status of Your Credential

All credential renewals and applications are done electronically through the California Teacher's Commission Website.

Checking the expiration status of your credential is easy!

- Go to CTC's link:

- Enter your personal information

- You can see all of your credentials and expiration dates here.

If any of your credentials need renewing - that also is just as easy!

- Go to CTC's link:


- Click on the "Click Here for the Educator Page..." (Link located in yellow box)

- Follow the steps (See "Attachments" below on How To Renew...)

- If you receive a confirmation email - you know you've completed everything correctly! (Check your spam if you're doing this through an LMUSD email account)

  • Credential renewals/applications can take approximately 5-10 business days to process.  However, in some circumstances, it can take longer, sometimes up to 3 months.  It is important to start the renewal process in a timely manner before your credential is about to expire.

If you have questions regarding the expiration date of your credential or what type of credential you have (and what it authorizes you to teach), you can also view that information on the California Teacher's Commission Website.