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TAP Teachers at Lucia Mar

TAP Teachers at Lucia Mar

TAP Elements of SuccessLucia Mar Tap Schools:

Nipomo Elementary School

Lange Elementary School

Oceano Elementary School

Fairgrove Elementary School

Mesa Middle School

Judkins Middle School

 TAP Winter 2012 Newsletter 

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Press Release March 12, 2012:


Terry Handy (TAP Mentor Teacher), Sarah Butler (Assistant Principal) ,Fran Ardizzone (TAP Mentor Teacher), Ed Alarcio (TAP Master Teacher), Alyssa Labrado (TAP Master Teacher), Ian Penton (Principal) 


Lucia Mar school earns surprise honor, $5,000 for efforts

in early stages of TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement


Los Angeles, CA-Leaders from Judkins Middle School in Pismo Beach, California, were surprised with the TAP School of Promise Award, which comes with a financial prize of $5,000.  The award honors a school for demonstrated efforts while in the early stages of implementing TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement.  The award was one of four in the nation presented before more than 1,000 educators and policy leaders attending a Saturday luncheon at the 12 th National TAP Conference, Building a System of Teacher Leaders.  Judkins Middle School Principal Ian Penton accepted the award on the school's behalf.


TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement is a revolutionary education reform that offers teachers opportunities for career advancement, ongoing job-embedded professional growth, educator evaluation and performance-based compensation.  The implementation of TAP's comprehensive elements is proven to strengthen teacher effectiveness and student achievement. 

NIET Chairman and TAP Founder Lowell Milken (far left) and NIET President and CEO Gary Stark (far right) present the TAP School of Promise Award to Judkins Middle School in Lucia Mar Unified School District, California. Judkins Middle School Principal Ian Penton accepts the award on the school's behalf. 

"Judkins Middle School's careful preparation for TAP and collaboration with stakeholders helped pave the way for rigorous implementation in the first full year," said Dr. Gary Stark, president and CEO of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), the non-profit public charity that manages and supports the TAP system and presents the TAP School of Promise Award.  "Principal Ian Penton, master teachers Ed Alarcio and Alyssa LaBrado and all members of the leadership team hit the ground running on their work to develop the strengths of all teachers, rooted in the TAP Teaching Standards and quality instructional feedback." 


Judkins Middle School is one of seven schools in the Lucia Mar Unified School District that began TAP implementation in the 2011-2012 school year.  TAP is supported by grants from the federal Teacher Incentive Fund and the Stuart Foundation awarded to the district in 2010. 


Judkins Middle prepared for TAP during the 2010-2011 year to lay the groundwork for TAP's comprehensive system of teacher leadership, professional development, support and accountability.  Attendance at the National TAP Conference and TAP's CORE training helped Judkins Middle leaders delve into TAP's core processes and shape their goals. 

The Judkins Middle TAP Leadership Team quickly embraced the tenets of the TAP system. The administrators, master and mentor teachers bring together their diverse skill sets to create a cohesive team to maximize the potential of the faculty and students.  Ed Alarcio and Alyssa LaBrado established a sense of trust and credibility vital to teachers' support of TAP, and along with Principal Penton, continually work to transform the school climate into a nurturing environment for all to thrive.



Lucia Mar TAP Team


Other School of Promise Award recipients include West Goshen Elementary School in Goshen (Goshen Community Schools), Indiana; Carter Middle School in Strawberry Plains (Knox County Schools), Tennessee; and Aikin Elementary School in New Caney (New Caney Independent School District), Texas. 


Photos of the TAP School of Promise Awards are available for download on the TAP photos page at http://www.tapsystem.org/newsroom/newsroom.taf?page=photos.

Introduced in 1999, TAP impacts more than 20,000 teachers and 200,000 students. 


For more information on TAP or the 12 th National TAP Conference at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, visit http://www.tapsystem.org.  You can also follow the TAP system's live updates on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tapsystem.




Press Release 2/24/11:  Lucia Mar Teachers Give TAP Green Light!

TAP Press Conference
Arroyo Grande, CA.- Lucia Mar Unified School District teachers overwhelmingly vote in favor of implementing The System for Teacher and Student Advancement (TAP) in seven of the eight potential TAP schools. LMUSD is the first public school district in California to implement TAP. TAP will be introduced at Nipomo Elementary, Lange Elementary, Oceano Elementary, Fairgrove Elementary, Mesa Middle School, and Judkins Middle School. A vote was taken today by certificated staff at the six eligible schools that were originally identified in the $7.2 million Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant. The TIF grant will provide the funding for TAP. The six schools that were originally identified by the TIF grant, and that voted today include: Nipomo Elementary, Oceano Elementary, Fairgrove Elementary, Dana Elementary, Lange Elementary, and Mesa Middle School. There was also a vote at two alternate schools which include: Grover Heights Elementary and Judkins Middle School. The alternate schools were selected as possible replacements if a school were to opt not to implement TAP. This was the case today as Dana Elementary did not receive a 75% vote, but Judkins Middle School did. Therefore, Judkins Middle School becomes eligible for TAP and will be implementing it. A maximum of six schools can be funded through the TIF grant.

TAP could only be implemented if at least 75% of the certificated staff voted in favor of it.
In order for a school to be eligible for TAP, it must be considered high-needs, and be eligible to receive at least 50% free and reduced lunches.

What is TAP?
TAP is a comprehensive school reform that restructures and revitalizes the teaching profession with a goal to achieve measurable gains in student performance. It is also used to help attract and retain quality teachers. TAP does this by providing teachers with powerful opportunities for career advancement, ongoing professional development, a fair accountability system, and performance pay bonuses for teachers and principals. Each elementary school will introduce one master teacher who will be fully released from the classroom, and two mentor teachers. Grant funding will allow for one-hour weekly cluster meetings which will be led by master and mentor teachers. Cluster meetings will provide continual professional development for teachers who will analyze student data, plan lessons, and learn and collaborate on new instructional strategies. TAP was launched in 1999, and by the 2011-2012 school year will impact more than 20,000 teachers and 200,000 students nationally.

How is TAP Funded?
Lucia Mar Unified School District was awarded a Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant in September 2010, worth $7.2 million to be used for TAP. The five-year $1.2 billion federal TIF program was started under President Bush and significantly expanded under the Obama administration. The purpose is to strengthen the education profession by rewarding excellence, attracting teachers and principals to high-need and hard-to-staff areas, and providing all teachers and principals with the feedback and support they need to succeed. In particular, the grant is aimed at high-needs schools. The TIF grant also mandates a bonus pay system for teachers and principals that include student growth, school growth, and teaching competency as the three components.


What's Next?
At least eight additional teaching positions will be added. Selected teacher leaders and principals will attend a national TAP conference in March. LMUSD will also be scheduling additional training for all the principals, master teachers, and mentor teachers to learn the TAP instructional rubric which will help provide teacher feedback. The first year of TAP will focus on the planning and the actual implementation of the system. The full TAP system will be implemented beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.  

LMUSD would like to sincerely thank all the teachers that took the time to learn about TAP, and the Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association. Without the cooperation and collaboration with the LMUTA and all the involved teachers, TAP and all its benefits to our schools, teachers, students, and community would not be possible.

For more information on TAP, and to hear from teachers and principals who are currently using TAP, you can view www.tapsystem.org




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TIF/TAP Summary

TIF: Teacher Incentive Fund

  • Federal grant
  • School must be 50%+ Free/Reduced Lunch

TAP: System for Teacher and Student Advancement

  • Created in 1999. In place in AZ, AK, CO, LA, MN, NC, OH, PA, SC, TE, TX

4 Key TAP Elements:

    • Multiple Career Paths
    • Ongoing Applied Professional Growth
    • Instructionally Focused Accountability
    • Performance-Based Compensation (Bonus Pay)

    At my school, what specific changes would occur?

    • A full time Master Teacher would be hired-fully released from class
    • Two Mentor Teachers would be hired-remain in class, with added duties
    • Each grade level would meet for one hour per week in cluster meetings w/Master, Mentor
    • LST’s would cover the class; no sub plan would need to be prepared
    • 3-6 observations conducted throughout year-Master and Mentor collaborate w/Principal
    • Bonus pay will be based on observation/eval (50%), class growth (30%), school growth (20%)

    LMUSD Funding Sources:

    •  Federal Title I  (approximately $1,300,000 yearly apportionment)
    •  Federal Title II-Teacher Quality (approximately $500,000 yearly apportionment)

    Official TAP website: www.tapsystem.org


    Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant Introduction From Superintendent Jim Hogeboom

    Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent LMUSDI am very excited to share with you that today we received wonderful news: we have received a federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant in the amount of $7.2 million dollars!!! This will provide us with resources we sorely need to provide our teachers with an effective instructional model, on-going feedback and coaching, released master and mentor teachers to meet regularly with our teachers, and will also provide assistance for you to make sure we provide effective feedback to help our teachers improve.  The six schools we  included in the grant are Dana, Fairgrove, Lange, Nipomo, Oceano and Mesa, all of which had to be Title I schools with at least 50% free and reduced lunch.  The TIF grant also provides for bonus pay for both teachers and principals based on a rubric as well as on school and student growth. 

    We will work closely with our teachers and LMUTA leadership to make sure we work out the details of how the TAP system will work.  There are aspects of the TAP model that we do need to negotiate with LMUTA.  In addition, at each of the schools listed in the grant, 75% of the teachers must agree to participate in the TAP system.  We will work collaboratively with LMUTA to make sure that our teachers have all of the information they need over the coming months to be able to make an informed decision about whether the TAP model is right for their school.  Jason Culbertson from TAP will be visiting Lucia Mar next week to answer questions, and we will also be using this planning year of the grant to provide visitations to TAP schools so our teachers can observe first hand how the model is working for teachers and students.  We are in no hurry to take vote at these sites, and want to make sure teachers have all of their questions answered. 

    Again, thanks in particular to those of you who have worked so hard to prepare this grant application.  In these brutal budget times it is gratifying and rewarding to know we have the ability to go after outside funding sources to help support our teachers improve their practice, which in turn will help our students to grow and learn.  What a positive way to start the school year!!

    Listed below is the site where you can find the official press release from the Department of Education about the TIF grant.  Lucia Mar was one of 62 grantees, and one of three in California. 

    Jim Hogeboom



    TIF Fact Sheet

    U.S. Department of Education Teacher Incentive Fund Grant Award
    Lucia Mar Unified School District
    September 23, 2010

    Schools included in grant:

    • Dana Elementary
    • Dorothea Lange Elementary
    • Fairgrove Elementary
    • Mesa Middle School
    • Nipomo Elementary
    • Oceano Elementary

    Award Amount: $7,175,126 over 5 years

    Grant Purpose:  To support quality teaching and increase student achievement at Title I schools.

    Key Features of the Grant:

    • A full-time teacher at each participating school to coach teachers and model effective teaching
    • Weekly release time for teachers to collaborate
    • Added career paths for highly-effective teachers to coach their peers
    • Bonuses for teachers and principals with high evaluations and/or test scores