Nipomo High School ASB 2011-12
April 19, 2014









Lib. Conf. Room @ Lunch




Anti-Poetry Poetry



Every other Wed. @ Lunch in rm. 133







Rm. 101 @ Lunch



Ballet Folklorico

Practice in rm. 103 after school

Room 105 @ Lunch




Break Dance



Dance room @ Lunch






Every other Wed. @ Lunch in rm. 135






Staff room @ Lunch



Environmental/ Bike Club

TBA on the bulletin






Rm. 108 @ Lunch



Room 118 @ Lunch







Gym @ Lunch




Film & Media




Rm. 113 @ Lunch



Friday Night Live (FNL)



Rm. 134 @ Lunch





Rm. 115 @ Lunch






Rm. 135 @ Lunch




Growing Anxiety

Rm. 129 @ Lunch







2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month









Rm. 130 @ Lunch


Rm. 150 @ Lunch





Mock Trial





Rm. 128 @ Lunch


Philosophical & Logical Cynics




Every other Thu. @ Lunch in Rm. 131


Red Cross



Library @ Lunch









Rm. 116 after school

The Sarcasm Society




Every other Thu. @ Lunch in Rm. 40B







Rm. 114 @ Break


Ultimate Frisbee





Soccer Fields from 3-5 pm

Clubs and Groups

Updated 12/7/11


Advisor: - PJ Deichler

Purpose: The mission of the Nipomo High School Associated Student Body shall be to create a fun, safe learning environment that encourages success; to ensure all students are equally represented, involved and heard; be a liaison between student, staff and the community; establish unity and trust between students, staff and the ASB; thus encouraging school spirit and pride.

Meeting Time: 4th Period Class Monday-Friday

Location: ASB Room 102

Anime Club

Advisor: Andrea Stoneman

Purpose: To provide a place where students of NHS can go to so they don’t feel weird or be made fun of because they like anime, magna, and cosplaying.

Meeting Time: Tuesdays for officers—Thursdays are general meetings @ Lunch

Location: Library Conference Room

Anti-Poetry Poetry Club

Advisor: Ms. Rollinger

Purpose: To take a different approach to poetry, and to provide the students a safe place to share their poetry.

Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday @ Lunch

Location: Room 133

Art Club

Advisor: Mr. Olejczak

Purpose: To enrich and stimulate the artistic abilities of its members. This club’s main focus is visual art as opposed to music; focused on a different method of creating art.

Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 101

AVID—Advancement Via Individual Determination

Advisor: Gwyn Kelly

Purpose: To promote university attendance and to guide students through the application process so they can succeed in college and beyond.

Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday

Location: Room 107

Ballet Folklorico

Advisor: Alejandra Lopez

Purpose: To teach students about the Mexican/Latin culture through dances and the stories behind them. In addition to learning traditional dances, the students will also learn modern dances such as cumbia & meringue. Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 105, Practices will be in the dance room, 103 after school on Mondays.

The Bicycle/Environmental Club  

Advisor: Mr. Olejczack

Purpose: To raise awareness about sustainability and to show students alternate methods of how to be more environmentally friendly.

Meeting Time & Location will be announced in the bulletin.

The Calculus Club

Advisor: Ms. Kandel

Purpose: The purpose of the calculus club is to provide students help and support in any areas they are struggling with regarding centered on AP Calculus.

Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday @ Lunch

Location: Room 135


Advisor: Gwyn Kelly

Purpose: To recognize student achievement and reward their consistent effort at NHS by recognizing them at graduation and with membership in the state organization.

Meeting time: Sign up at the beginning of each semester

Location: Room 107


Advisor: Debbie Bantz

Purpose: To promote school spirit and Titan Pride through the act of cheering, dancing, and stunting. And to entertain the audience with their ability to show Titan Spirit!

Dance Company

Advisor: Chrissy Belo

Purpose: To enlighten the audience with our ability to evoke passion through the art of dance.

Meeting Time: M-F 3rd period

Location: Dance Room 103


Advisor: Robyn Metchik

Purpose: To instill acting abilities and confidence through song, dance and stage delivery.

Meeting Time: M-F 4th period

Location: Olympic Hall and the Forum


Advisor: Mr. Shields

Purpose: To fundraise for and bring awareness about children exposed to suffering both locally and abroad.

Meeting Time: Fridays @ Lunch

Location: Room 108

French Club

Advisor: Michelle Cossey

Purpose: To have fun while learning aboutFrance, French language, and French culture.

Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 118

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Advisor: Josie Long, Alejandra Lopez

Vision: To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influences of athletes and coaches.

MissionStatement: To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Meeting Time: Wednesday @ Lunch

Location: Titan Gym


Advisor: Ms. Lemons/ Mr. Rodrigues/ Ms. Cummings

Purpose: Dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

Meeting Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month

Location : Forum

Film and Digital Media Club

Advisor: Mr. McConnell

Purpose: Students take on film production crew roles and collaborate on original digital motion picture projects and produce the Annual Film Festival

Meeting Time: Mondays @ Lunch

Location: Room 134

Friday Night Live

Advisor: Mr. Deichler

Purpose: The primary focus of FNL, is to provide programs rich in opportunities and support, so young people will be less likely to engage in problem behaviors, more likely to achieve in school, and more likely to attend higher education or secure a full-time job.

Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 134

Growing Anxiety Club

Advisor: Ms. Isbell

Purpose: To figure out what it is that stresses out teenagers, and to discuss possible ways of avoiding stress. For example, discussing studying techniques.

Meeting Time: Mondays @ Lunch

Location: Room 129

H.E.R.O.—Helping Every One Realize Opportunities

Advisor: Jim Johnson

Purpose: To provide the necessary materials to help students go to college; To guide and help students realize opportunities offered to go to college; to inform students about universities and what it requires to attend them; To form new friendships and connect with one another

Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 115

Gay—Straight Alliance

Advisor: Donna Kandel

Purpose: To provide a safe and non-judgmental for discussion of issues of diversity, including, but not limited to, issues of sexual orientation and gender identity as they relate to youth; To provide an opportunity for students to interact in a diverse group, for the purpose of promoting greater understanding of and support for one another; To raise awareness of social and political issues of discrimination and civil rights as they relate to sexual orientation and gender identy: To provide opportunities for political advocacy on issues of diversity and civil rights.

Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ Lunch

Location Room 135

Interact Club

Advisor: Dan Davis

Purpose: To provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.

Meeting Time: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.

Location: Room 126

Key Club

Advisor: Amanda Hatfield

Purpose: Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership

Meeting Time: Mondays @ Lunch

Location: Room 150


Advisor: Tristan Shorba

Purpose: To assist freshmen and transfer students with their orientation/ student life at NHS.

Meeting Time: Announced in Spring

Mock Trial

Advisor: Mrs. Albert

Purpose: Increase proficiency in basic skills (reading and speaking) critical-thinking skills (analyzing and reasoning),and interpersonal skills (listening and cooperating).

1. Increase proficiency in basic skills (listening and cooperating).

2. Develop an understanding of the link between our constitution, our courts, and our legal system.

3. Provide the opportunity for interaction with positive adult role models in the legal community.

4. Provide an opportunity to study key legal concepts and issues.

5. Promote cooperation and healthy academic competition among students of varying abilities and interests.

6. Demonstrate the achievements of NHS students to the community.

7. Provide a hands-on experience outside of the classroom from which students can learn about law, society, and themselves.

The SLO County Mock Trial Competition is held in early February at the SLO County Courthouse. See Ms. Albert for dates.

Meeting Times: Monthly TBA

Location: Room 128

Philosophical and Logical Cynics Club

Advisor: Mrs. Anderson

Purpose: To discuss current issues with society, and to talk about how our society has been declining and to come up with reasons and possible solutions.

Meeting Time: Every other Thursday @ Lunch

Location: Room 131

Red Cross Club

Advisor: Michelle Brooks

Purpose: To raise funds and prepare for emergencies around the nation.

Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ Lunch

Location: Library


Advisor: Alejandra Lopez

Purpose: To create a rebirth in education using a partnership between the school and local businesses to promote and recognize academic achievement and citizenship. “What gets respected, recognized, rewarded and reinforced, is what gets accomplished

Meeting Time: Special Activities announced periodically


Advisor: Greg Gracia

Purpose: To build robots for competitions.

Meeting Time: Fridays

Location: Room 116

The Sarcasm Society

Advisor: Ms. Dixon

Purpose: To re-discover the lost art of wit based on language.

Meeting Time: Every other Thursday @ Lunch

Location: Room 40B

Scholastic Club

Advisor: Mark Houchin

Purpose: Fundraise for those who need help paying for AP Tests

Meeting Time: Thursdays @ Lunch or break if it’s an early out.

Location: Room 114 or Forum

Surf  Club  

Advisor: Mark Houchin

Purpose: To learn how to surf and enjoy the ocean with your friends.

Meeting Time: Some Saturdays @ 7 a.m.

Location: Clark Street in Pismo Beach

Ultimate Frisbee

Advisor: Mark Houchin

Purpose: To allow all NHS students the opportunity to compete against one another and eventually other Frisbee Clubs at rival schools

Meeting Time: Fridays from 3pm – 5pm

Location: Soccer Fields




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